Focus On: Yamaha Flutes
yamaha logo Yamaha is very well known for making Pianos and Motor bikes. Yamaha was established in 1887 only selling Pianos and reed organs. In 1965 they introduced band instruments. This blog is going to be focusing on the flutes we stock and sell. Yamaha Standard Flute models are classed as the 200, 300 and 400 series. They say these are more than just inexpensive version of their professional flutes. Yamaha developed and perfected handmade and professional models so they incorporated their design into the intermediate and standard flutes but tailored these flutes to the students needs, as there is nothing more frustrating than learning to play on an instrument which is of poor quality dull tone. These are flutes that will help beginners rapidly improve while offering more advanced players excellent response and tonal qualities. Below is a brief description on the common models and also some person comments from myself. Yamaha 200 Series yfl211-150x150The 200 series comes in many different specifications. One of the more popular flutes is the Yamaha YFL211. This is a closed hole flute with Offset G and E mechanism. It is made of durable nickel silver with an attractive silver plate finish which gives a dark warm tone. The YFL211 flute is perfect for any beginner, I feel this model has a fantastic tone and feel which would give any student the perfect starter instrument for their grades. I find some cheap entry level flutes can be heavy and clunky keys which can be off putting for any new player. The Yamaha is free blowing and a lovely smooth action which will grow with your child as he/she progresses. Yamaha 300 Series 311What makes this special compared to the 200 series is the head joint on the 300 series is supplied with a 92.5% pure sterling silver. The body is made of the same materials as the 200 series. The head joint is an important factor in determining an changing the tone completely compared with the 200 series. Any flautist who’s been playing for a few years and is approaching there grade 4/5, the 311 Yamaha is defiantly a model I would recommend. This flute will take you to grade 8, and even though the main difference between this and the 211 is the head joint, the sterling silver head will totally change the sound and how you play. I found the tone is really beautiful and such a sweet sound. Yamaha 400 Series yfl411As you progress to the 400 series this is where you will not only hear but feel a big difference in the flute. Not only is the head joint pure sterling silver, the body and foot joint is made of the same 92.5% pure sterling silver. Having this will give you a more rich warm tone. What can I say about the YFL411 flute, truly an amazing flute! I’m not the best player in the world but when playing this compared with the 211 and the 311, I could tell a big difference. I sound good on the 411 and this is due to the sterling silver head and body. Such a pleasure to play the 411. If any player is looking for there forever flute the 411 is the one for you. All of the Yamaha flutes do come in many other models. We find the most popular models are the YFL211, YFL311 and the YFL411. These all have Covered keys, Offset G, E mechanism, Drawn & curled. Other models can come with Gold lip plates, b foot joints, without offset G and E mechanism and open hole. I can honestly say that if you purchase any Yamaha instrument you are getting a fantastic item which is not only reliable but gives a beautiful sound. If you want any more information on our Yamaha Flute Range then just give me a call on 01283 535333 option 1 or e-mail