How to apply rosin to a violin bow
Rosin is a must have accessory for a string player. Used to obtain the friction that the bow needs to have to produce a sound from the strings, its applied in an even coat using smooth long strokes directly onto the block of rosin. As you draw the bow back and forth, be aware of the amount of effort it takes to move the bow. It never takes much, but you will find that as more and more rosin clings to the hair it will become easier and easier to draw or push the bow across the cake. The change will be very subtle, but if you pay attention you will learn to feel it. Once you have reached a point where the bow travels smoothly STOP as lots of excess rosin can damaged the hair of your bow. You will find below a short how-to video I have made which shows you how to apply rosin to a violin bow. Many players have different ways, techniques and little quirks which they like to do for optimum effect. We hope that you find this tutorial helps. We have used Forenza Violin Rosin here which is available from Normans Musical Instruments.