As one of the UK's leading suppliers of musical instruments and accessories into education, we are always keen to offer that service further afield , with a number of international schools and businesses who already come to us. If you are based outside of the UK with any enquiries, here is an outline of what we can offer.

Bespoke international quotations

With international orders, we operate in a similar manner to our domestic education customers. If you provide us with your requirements, we can provide a quotation. Our prices will be as competitive as possible, and where possible we can offer discounts for large volumes. We can cater to any volume of order, whether it is a pack of reeds or a full school set of instruments. Regardless of the size of the request, we will put our full care and attention into ensuring you get the service that you require. international-quote

A wide selection of products

We offer a wide range of instruments on our website. This the best way to view our product catalogue, though we are not limited to just these items. We work with many suppliers who deal in leading brands. So, if you need something that isn’t on our website, we can make enquiries to see if we can obtain the items you need on a special-order basis from our suppliers. While we cannot obtain every brand, we will do our best to meet your requirement. Where we cannot find something that meets your exact specification, we will be happy to offer suitable alternatives. Whether it is a case of finding an instrument which has the same specification as the one you requested, or finding a more current up-to-date model. There are some cases where retailers have own-brand models which may be requested. We cannot supply these as they are retailer specific. In these instances, we will find something which is comparable in specification and quality for you. musical-instruments

Flexible international shipping options

We try our best to be very flexible with how we get your order to you. Whether we ship the items to you ourselves, or help in arranging your own courier. Our own couriers offer many options, from sea and air freight, to being able to deliver any size of shipment. We have organised international delivery of small packages, up to numerous pallets, up to as big as a container delivery for those really big requirements! We always try to provide the best delivery price that we can. But, if you have your own options available, we can also accommodate this. Any UK based delivery will be free of charge to ship, for example, delivery to a freight forwarding company. Otherwise, we can hand a delivery over to a privately booked courier also. international-delivery

Our own expert advice

As with any order we take, our sales team formed of experienced and knowledgeable musicians are always here to help. We are happy to provide advice from product information to technical specifications. Or, for those who may not be musical, we can give advice on exactly what instruments might be required and suitable. international-shipping If you are a school or business looking to enquire about your musical needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us on and we will be able to do our best to help.