beginner guitar
Jose Ferrer are well known for being good value, high quality beginner guitars. Focusing on Classical guitars which are incredibly popular due to their reduced string tension. Nylon stringed guitars have three solid nylon strings for the top three and three nickel-wound nylon braid strings for the lower strings. This ensures that the instrument can be tuned up to pitch while having a softer feel.

Sizes Available

We offer three sizes of Jose Ferrer Classical Guitars. There is full size, ideal for adults, or beginners of roughly 12 and up. These are aimed at students, although, even proficient guitarists will be able to appreciate these guitars. Following this, there is also a ¾ size model available, this is perfect for 8-12-year old children or smaller adults. Finally, the smaller size is the ½ size, ideal for 5-8-year old children. guitar-size-chart

Features and Build Quality

The guitars themselves all adhere to a very traditional design. Featuring a light top, with darker red stained back, sides and neck. With a black painted body binding and a traditional rosette design. This follows the standard classical guitar aesthetic. The woods used are all good quality tonewoods that still ensure to keep the cost down. The top wood is Spruce, which is a classic material for both Classical and Acoustic guitars, where the back and sides are made of Linden. Paired with the wooden traditional style bridge, these guitars resonate well and produce a great tone. As with the rest of the guitar, the tuners are of a traditional design and allow for excellent tuning stability. All Classical Guitars need a bit of breaking in when they’re brand new, but once this break-in period is over, these guitars hold their tune incredibly well. Jose Ferrer remain to be popular amongst students, teachers and schools. This is due to their reliability, low cost and range of sizes available.