Originating from Tobago and Trinidad, the modern day steel pan is a chromatically pitched percussion instrument. To play a steel pan, you simply hold a mallet between your thumb and the top of your index finger, and gently strike it into the centre of one of the notes on the pan.

Why Are They Perfect For The Classroom?

Since steel pans are easy to learn, they are perfect for the classroom environment. One main concern in schools, however, is the cost. Many steel pans can be fragile and expensive to maintain, therefore they tend to be hidden away and aren’t played very often. jumbie-jam-steel-pan My recommendation is the Jumbie Jam Steel Pans. This range of steel pans is sturdy, affordable, and even come in a range of bright colours! The pans themselves have the notes clearly marked on them which makes it accessible for younger students to explore.


jumbie-jam-bagLimited space in the classroom? No problem! Place your steel pan in a Jumbie Jam Gig Bag. These will ensure that the steel pan is protected at all times, and are a must for transportation. In conclusion, Jumbie Jam Steel Pans are ideal for beginners and schools, since they are affordable, robust and are consisted of high-quality durable steel. See the full range here.