Daft woman holding guitar wrong looking confused

So, to be clear: This lesson may or may not have happened a few weeks ago.Man looking horrified at womans lack of guitar playing ability,

I may or may not have been a little slow in the writing down of this experience.

Better. Late. Than. Never. Okay?

Yes, yes it is okay. I wasn't really asking.

This was a very beneficial lesson in which I was given a Iron Man masterclass and was advised to slather my fingers in superglue... To be fair, Rory had a lot of work to be getting on with and wasn't given a choice about being in this video. These issues aside, as you can undoubtedly see from the photo above, I was a natural.

The video of the 'lesson' only confirms this. If you would like to have a planned lesson, with a teacher who has the opportunity to prep - and who knows they are going to be teaching that day - might I suggest you take advantage of our collaboration with Your Space Music Lessons who are offering x2 30 minute lessons with every instrument purchase from us. This offer ends on the 28-02-18: Get your skates on! If you are an unlucky soul who misses out on this offer, why not go over to our Rorys YouTube page and listen to the kind of talent you could have achieved... if only you'd taken advantage of the offer before it expired.