"Cello from the other side..."| #MYMUSICFUTURE
2018 is here, and we have had the privilege of being able to learn a new instrument all in the name of work!! There were two factors considered when choosing what I would learn. The first being how easy it would be to start, and the second being what I could annoy the parents with. Reflecting on my decision, I think the second factor was taken into consideration more than the first! Oh well, no backing out now! (Sorry Mum!!) So, my instrument of choice is the cello! Having no experience with playing any other string instrument, I thought it would be the best option to delve into, mainly because I can sit down… But of course, when played properly, it is one of my favourite instruments to listen to. Now though, I admire all parents of professional cellists out there, as it’s not a sound that can be easily ignored. Mini J with his Chosen Cello looking very happy with himself

But anyway, how’s it all going?

Well, in all honesty, it’s quite difficult. Firstly, you’ve got to do more before you even start playing! Tune it up and then apply rosin to the bow. I think being a piano player makes you take your instrument for granted slightly, as with that, you just sit down and start playing. I’ve managed to get some notes out so far, and am slowly trying to get a scale done! If I can do that, I’ll be happy!! Being a piano player is fantastic. It gets to about 11pm, plug some headphones in and carry on playing. Cello life is a whole different game, and so because I’m such a kind son, I don’t practice after that. I’ve deducted that the parents prefer piano practice to cello practice whilst they are trying to sleep. Jack with Cello and headphone looking confused I’ve learnt so far, that you don’t realise how comfortable you feel around your own instrument. Learning something new definitely takes you out of your comfort zone, but it’s all good fun! Isn’t that what it’s all about at the end of the day?? But for now at least, I will continue to try hard not to annoy my parents too much with my news years resolution, and to produce fewer noises which sound like racing cars, seagulls etc… Oh, by the way, make sure you sign up to get 2 FREE online sessions with Your Space Music Lessons if you’ve recently purchased an instrument from us? Just thought I’d throw that in there…anyone can learn an instrument and these free lessons will help get you started.