playing flute

Throughout February, the month of love, we will be asking members of the Normans team all about the musical instruments they play and their journeys so far. You'll be able to have a little insight into our team and also be opened up to trying a new instrument or choosing that first instrument.

First up is Megan, one of our Sales Advisors.

playing flute

So Megan, tell us, when did your instrument love story start?

After playing the flute since I was eight, I have had a lot of memories with my instrument: from my first lesson to my first exam. Nevertheless, couldn’t imagine playing another instrument, here’s why! I first learnt how to play the flute at primary school, with the whole class. I remember I could play a few notes, but it took a long time for the tone to develop. My advice? Keep at it! Playing the flute Is so much more than making a sound. It also involves keeping it upright in the correct position, making sure your fingers are on the correct keys and even managing to breathe in time!

Why did you choose the flute?

The flute is a great instrument to play sound wise, as it produces a bright, warm tone. With the flute, you are also able to join bands and orchestras, I would recommend this as it will expand your musical knowledge, and meeting like-minded people will without a doubt, give you motivation and support to carry on practicing. beginning-to-play-a-flute

Where are you and your flute now?

Since I am about to take my grade 5, I currently play on the Yamaha YFL312 Flute. This intermediate flute is able to produce a radiant, vivid tone.

Good luck for your Grade 5! Which flutes would you recommend for beginners?

beginners fluteIf you are just starting out, there are several models I would recommend, such as the Sonata Student Flute and Elkhart 100 Series Flute. Despite the low price, they still produce a high quality sound.These flutes would take you to around grade 2, and therefore are perfect for those that aren’t sure if the flute is for them. yamaha-yfl212If you are confident that the flute is for you, then I would highly recommend the Yamaha YFL212 Student Flute. This flute would take you to around grade 5, due to it’s rich, powerful tone. Overall, the flute is definitely a worthwhile instrument to play and with enough practice, you’ll be able to build up and perform a wide repertoire of pieces! See all of our flutes here.