playing the flute
...Where do I begin? I’ve been on a musical rollercoaster, with plenty of ups and downs (excuse the pun) with learning the flute. There’s been many times when I’ve questioned why I’m doing this, then I remember if it even gets just one person into learning a musical instrument… it’s worth it. To be able to have influenced someone into trying something new and giving them the confidence to stand up and say, “you know what.. I’m going to learn the flute too!” Or the sax! Any instrument. That makes me very happy and a little bonus to the platform working here at Normans. That aside, this flute playing is challenging. Firstly, it helps to not put it in my office drawers, you know the ‘safe place’. This meant it wasn’t in sight and yes, I forgot to take it home to practice numerous times. flute head joint

How’s the practise going?

I began practising at lunchtimes here at Normans, much to Rory’s dismay one lunch time (he wasn’t very impressed). I decided to take my flute home (when I remembered) and annoy my neighbours and other half at home instead. I had my first lesson with Ellie from Your Space Music Lessons a few weeks ago and since then Abby (Director of Your Space Music Lessons) and Ellie been very supportive. They’ve been encouraging me to carry on and stick with it. That’s helped a lot and picked me up when I most needed it. I didn’t quite realise how frustrating it would be to learning the flute, it looks so easy? All you must do is, blow into a cylinder and press a few buttons to create a gorgeous sound. Yeah, not that simple… I soon found it wasn’t quite that easy. I’d put my lip ¾ across the gap in the flute head joint and blow across. This would create a great sound and then I would move without realising and it was goodbye, adios, tschüss to that gorgeous sound (soon learnt this wasn’t a great technique…). shona tune

My Second Flute Lesson

Soon came my second lesson, still nervous, still not feeling great about my flute playing and quite frustrated. I knew there was a way to play it and I’ve always had that ‘can do’ attitude so nothing was stopping me! Me and my flute were not being separated… just yet. I definitely still look confused and most definitely sound confused, it's a whole new concept learning the flute. Who knew to get a higher note you blow harder and to get a low note your blow softer? I naively thought there's a key for each note and you just blow. I was wrong. I'm most pleased, I got a tune out of the flute! Very exciting and feeling like i'm getting somewhere. Now to practice and work my way through my flute book. Keep a look out for Lesson 3.