New A-Star Percussion Packs for the Classroom

Here at Normans we like to make sure we shout about a new product or in this case a new pack of products. The A-Star percussion family is extending. Now they come in handy Percussion packs, ideal for education these latest variations cater for the small/medium ensemble to whole class needs. A-Star - being of the leaders in the market for handheld and tuned percussion - are known for their high quality products and extensive range.

Here are the highlights for the 3 latest A-Star packages which combine the top products into the perfect blend.

A-Star 9 Piece Childrens Percussion Pack

The AP0012 is a 9 piece Childrens Percussion Pack, filled with a mixture of percussive treats. Housed in a neat carry bag, you’ve got easy storage at all times, whether on the go or use in your classroom. This pack focuses on un-tunes percussion For a small/medium ensemble it possesses a mixture of bells, maracas and other wooden variants this pack is perfect for the classroom. The quality of the A-Star products is something that makes this pack such great value. Robust wooden instruments can be a little difficult to find, but these are proven to hold the strain of the most enthusiastic users. Lightweight and manageable in size, the kids can get involved straight away, shaking along to any song. This Percussion Pack includes: List of items included in the percussion pack

A-Star 10 Piece Childrens Percussion Pack

The A-Star 10 Piece Percussion can be used specifically as a group activity. With the 8 note metallophone included, you’ve got the introduction of tuned percussion to accompany the different variants of hand held shakers, maracas and other smaller instruments. This pack is dade up of a mixture of wooden, metal, plastic and combination instruments. This results in a strong and durable pieces that are able to withstand the rigours of the classroom. These models have become increasingly popular with early years workshop teachers. They are easy to store and transport with the added bonus of the tuned percussion. This Percussion Pack includes:

A-Star KS1 Percussion Class Pack

A-Stars KS1 Percussion Class Pack: Well some say bigger is better! This takes the predecessors idea of transferable percussion but amplifies it. With multiple quantities of each instruments, you can build your ensemble work into sections. (There’s no shame in being part of the Triangle section!) All coming in a robust storage tub with handles and lid, just to make sure it’s easy to carry the box of tricks. At the recent Music Expo in London, many of the educators have expressed their interest due to the combination of price and quality. An ideal package to lead an ensemble session, this kit is the perfect class resource. This Percussion Pack includes:

Image of the KS1 Percussion Pack

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