With music education at an all-time high, our wide range of Small Hands Percussion has grown ever-popular with teachers and parents alike, looking for robust, fun instruments without paying a fortune. Music is one of the best subjects in our schools (in our opinion anyway!), and so why not treat your hard-working class to some of our fantastic instruments! Our own ‘A-Star’ percussion range is one of our biggest brands at Normans, and receives countless positive feedback about the highly desired robust design, and excellent sound. We understand, especially in school environments, that money is tight and it’s sometimes hard to justify spending an entire budget on musical instruments. But worry no more! ‘A-Star’ is what you need! Just to show you how good our instruments are, we’ve picked out our favourite ‘Small Hands’ goodies which are perfect for the younger child looking to make some noise! Feast your eyes on these beauties! egg shaker

Egg Shakers (infamous in the classroom)

A favourite in the education sector due to their small size and bright sound, Egg Shakers are ideal due to a durable construction and affordable price. Very fun instruments which are always popular with children looking to make a lot of noise! rainstick

Rain Sticks (I bless the rains down in Africaaa… #SorryNotSorry)

Quite a calming choice of instrument, rain sticks are brilliant for creating a range of relaxing sounds. They don’t need any lessons, simply rotate them and watch colourful beads fall through the interior of the tube. shape-shakers

Shapes?!? (Mind-blown!)

The perfect way to learn about shapes and music, all in one go! Supplied in a range of fun colours and shapes, create funky rhythms with friends with these fantastic shakers. (A personal favourite of mine if I do say so myself!)
Sound good? Of course they do! Well, these are just some of the extraordinary instruments in the ‘A-Star’ range! Have a look at what takes your fancy, and any questions, just get in touch with us! You can visit our website or drop a comment below.