The Piccolo
353The piccolo is a woodwind instrument; it is a reedless instrument and sound is created by blowing across the mouthpiece. This instrument was developed in the 18th century and word piccolo means "small" in Italian. It is half the size of a flute and measures aprox: 33cm in length. It is actually the highest pitched woodwind instrument and plays an octave higher than the flute. Its range is nearly 3 octaves and plays from D5-B7-flat. The piccolo is very similar to the flute in its shape and some of the finger positions that you use are the same. It is played by holding it horizontally to your cheek and blowing across the mouthpiece to produce sound. Your fingers are used to press sound on the different keys and produce different notes. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to call the sales team: 01283 535333 or email: