It was half-term last week which was the perfect opportunity for me to give my trumpet a much-needed bath. Handily, Normans Music had recently sent me a Rocket Care Kit so I was able to put that to use. ROCKET CARE KIT

Here we go...

After running a warm bath and adding a bit of washing up liquid, I took my trumpet apart and carefully placed the different bits (apart from the valves) in the bath – I use a rubber bath mat on the bottom of the bath to protect my trumpet but a towel could be used instead. It’s important not to get the felt pieces at the top of the valves wet. I placed these in a separate glass of water to soak. Using the mouthpiece brush from the Rocket Care Kit, an embarrassing amount of gunk was removed! The mouthpiece brush was quite a bit larger than the one I am used to using but it certainly did the job.

How was the valve brush?

The valve brush did a similarly good job of cleaning the valves. I then moved on to using the flexible cleaning brush on the various slides and tubes of my trumpet. The casing of the flexible brush is slightly thicker than on the brush I’ve been using for the past few years. This made it easier to grip… once again, there was a fair amount of unpleasant stuff removed during this stage of the cleaning process. Cleaning my trumpet properly takes quite a while so I’ve created a timelapse video of the process which shows the Rocket Care Kit in action…

Did the cloth help?

It's time to put the cleaning cloth to use. I’d taken all the pieces out of the bath as I didn’t want them drying with droplet marks. Rubbing with the cloth helped to remove everyday dirt from the trumpet, especially at the edge of the bell. Once everything was dry, I set about oiling the valves and greasing the slides. I wasn’t expecting to be impressed by the valve oil in the kit as I’m rather attached to the one I usually use but I’m pleased to report that I was pleasantly surprised by the valve oil included in the kit! The application of the oil was a lot less messy than my usual valve oil. This was thanks to the special nozzle which meant it was easier to control the flow of the oil. Until last week I’ve tended to use valve oil on my slides. I thought I should try out the grease that came with the kit. I’m glad I did as it’s made a massive difference to how smoothly the slides move! TRUMPET PARTS I’m writing this a few days after bathing my trumpet and it’s worth mentioning that the valves haven’t needed to be oiled again yet and the slides still move freely. The only downside of the kit is, the cleaning cloth shrunk in the wash (40 degrees). This is probably my fault for not checking its washing instructions! If you'd like to read more from My Trumpet & Me, you can do here.