Two great budget brands, Rocket and 3rd Avenue offer ideal instruments for beginners. But, you might be asking yourself, which one is suitable for me? Realistically, both brands excel in different areas. With this, you should hopefully understand where they both fit, and which brand is perfect for you in the debate of Rocket VS 3rd Avenue! beginner-guitar

3rd Avenue

A fairly new contender to the beginner guitar and ukulele market, 3rd Avenue offer some of the most affordable options. 3rd Avenue offer a large range of Classical Guitars, in multiple sizes and finishes. With this, Acoustic Guitars in different finishes and packages are available. Following on, there are Soprano Ukuleles in various colours with gigbags included. 3rd Avenue also offer some great ¼ size electric guitars for younger players. Including standard guitar packs with a battery powered amp, or guitars with built in amps.


Rocket have been around for a while and have been a favourite for beginners and schools. They offer everything from accessories to instruments, but excel in their guitars and ukuleles. With classical and acoustic guitar packs available, as well as electric guitars. Rocket also offer many folk instruments from ukuleles, to mandolins and banjos.

redburst-classical-guitarClassical Guitars

The Classical Guitars offered by both brands are great quality for beginners, and priced so that any group or school should be able to buy a few. Both brands offer Classical Guitars in ¼, ½, ¾ and full sizes. The 3rd Avenue models are also available in natural, blueburst, redburst or sunburst finishes. Whereas, the Rocket models are available in natural, blue (for ½, ¾ and full sizes) and black (for full size only).

Acoustic Guitars

acoustic-guitar-natural-packWith acoustic guitars, Rocket are somewhat more limited in their options, having one acoustic guitar pack available. This pack features a full sized, dreadnought acoustic guitar in a natural finish. With this, a gigbag, capo and guitar strap are included. 3rd Avenue have a very similar package available, though the accessories are a gigbag, spare strings, picks and a strap. The 3rd Avenue pack is available in the same finishes as the classical guitars, natural, sunburst and blueburst. Alternatively, a “premium pack” can be bought which includes a tuner and guitar stand as well. 3rd Avenue also offer electro-acoustic guitars for anyone who wants to plug in!

Electric Guitars

rocket-electric-guitarRocket offers a couple of great options for beginners, starting with the electric guitar. Offering, a full Size and ¾ size electric guitar which is available in both black or red. From here, different packs featuring different accessories are available. These guitars are very reminiscent of a classic Electric Guitar appearance, making for the ideal first electric guitar. 3rd-avenue-electric-guitar 3rd Avenue only offer ¼ Size Electric Guitars. These are perfect for ages 3-7, ensuring that young players can learn without the difficulty of a full-size instrument. There are two models available. There is the STX30 Pack which is an electric guitar which comes with an amp. Then, there is the STX05 Pack which has a built-in amp, but this model can also be played through a regular amplifier. With this, both packs come with a gigbag, guitar picks and a guitar strap. Each pack is available in either red or black.

Making A Decision...

As both brands are aimed at beginners and strive to be affordable, it is less a case of “Rocket vs 3rd Avenue” and more a case of “Rocket or 3rd Avenue”. Both companies will have something to offer where the other might not. If this doesn’t answer any questions about either brand, then you can always contact us on, or 01283 535333 (option 1).