woodwind instrument
Sonata is our bestselling brand that specialise in multiple instruments, one of the main being woodwind. We also sell many accessories to help keep your instruments in tip-top condition and products to choose for your personal preference.


Sonata provide mouthpieces for many woodwind instruments including saxophone and clarinet, such as the Sonata 8713 Goldentone Student Tenor Sax Mouthpiece. This mouthpiece, like others by Sonata are great for students or beginners. It has accurate pitch and can be used for multiple styles of music, making it a great mouthpiece to start learning on. It is also a perfect all-rounder. There’s little point in buying a luxury mouthpiece if its going to get damaged! Here at Normans, we can offer a range of mouthpiece caps to keep it in tip-top condition and mouthpiece patches. Personally, I love these reed-guardpatches as it keeps the mouthpiece in great condition and is also a lot comfier to play on. Sonata also provide reed guards for both clarinet and saxophone. Reeds are very small and are easily lost or damaged so a reed guard is perfect for solving these problems. Some of these reed guards can also hold up to 4 reeds at a time, allowing you to have more than one on the go at a time. Whenever I find the perfect reed, I like to save it for a special occasion such as an exam or gig. Reed guards are perfect for this; I won’t lose it or damage it by accident.


Ligatures are also a necessity for most woodwind musicians. These sonata ligatures are perfect for beginners. They are very easy to use as they are easily adjusted and create a clear sound due to the metal design. These properties also make them popular amongst more advanced players.

thumb cushionPlaying comfortably

We all want to feel comfortable when playing don’t we? The Sonata Padded Sax Sling is a great product to add to the collection. You can adjust the length to fit your height and has a very padded neck piece for maximum comfort. There’s nothing worse than a sore neck at the end of a practice. It also has a safe clip to attach to your saxophone so there’s no need to worry about dropping it. If you are a clarinet player, you can also purchase a thumb cushion for extra comfort as I know it can get tired after a long session. Ever had that dent in your thumb after playing the clarinet? Painful.

saxophone-standKeeping your instrument safe

Being a woodwind player myself, I understand the importance of a sturdy, practical case. I personally use both standard cases and gig bags. However, if you find the right one, they can both be just as good as each other. I believe a case needs to be sturdy for travelling, no bigger than it needs to be and as light as possible. Here, we sell Sonata cases that do just that! The Sonata Flute Case, for example, is sturdy and protective, yet is also very lightweight. The case comes with a detachable shoulder strap which still leaves both hands available. For a bigger instrument such as an alto saxophone, the case has two detachable straps so can also be worn as a backpack to take the weight off just one shoulder/arm. However, when your instrument is not in the case, it still needs keeping safe when you are not using it. Preferably not the floor… Luckily for you, we sell Sonata stands. For example, the Sonata Clarinet Stand does wonders. It Is very lightweight and space efficient as the legs detach and fold inside the stand, making it perfect for travel. Putting it together takes no time at all and once it is set up, it is very sturdy thanks to the four legs locked in place. The price is also very generous as they can last for a lifetime.

care-kitKeeping it clean

An important part of prolonging an instruments life span is keeping it clean. The best way to do this is to clean it after every use before packing it away to prevent rusting. There is a range of different cleaning products, some more suited to specific instruments. For example, Sonata provide a metal or plastic cleaning rod that is a perfect size for a flute. There are also swab sets that are designed for bassoon and oboe. However, I believe they could also work for other instruments such as the clarinet.

saxophone lyreLyre

A lyre may seem like an unusual purchase. However, they are perfect for marching bands, or could be a little something that may make practising more interesting. It’s harder than you think! If you would like to read more about Sonata and what they have to offer, please feel free to read another blog about the popular brand.