Sonata Launch Student Brass Mouthpiece Range
Sonata-LogoSonata has been producing quality student brass and woodwind instruments for a number of years and is now a very well respected brand amongst music educators. Providing instruments that offer exceptional value for money, the range has been firmly established as a favourite for many teachers in the UK. Their offering has now been extended into accessories with the launch of a new brass mouthpiece range. Offering considerable savings over their premium 'branded' equivalents they are a great choice for beginners. There are 8 in the range from Trumpet to Tuba with sizes based on popular Vincent Bach or Denis Wick equivalents. 7c4b59bs12c612al5g Sonata 7C Trumpet Mouthpiece Sonata 4B Cornet Mouthpiece Sonata 5 Tenor Horn Mouthpiece Sonata 9BS Baritone Mouthpiece Sonata 12C Trombone Mouthpiece (Small Shank) Sonata 6 1/2 AL-L Trombone Mouthpiece (Large Shank) Sonata 5G Euphonium Mouthpiece Sonata 25 Tuba Mouthpiece There's no doubt that these mouthpieces are perfect for getting started on a brass instrument and the cost saving makes them great value for money. The price of premium brand mouthpieces has increased considerably in recent years with a Denis Wick 4B Cornet mouthpiece now over £40 and a Vincent Bach 24AW Tuba over £80! Whilst advanced / professional players will probably feel it worthwhile paying these higher prices, in my opinion it makes no sense to do so for a beginner. The Sonata's are more than capable of supporting a players early development without breaking the bank.