Have you been searching for a beginner’s instrument to get started? B-Stock Items are for you. Are you an experienced musician and fancy a new challenge? B-Stock is for you. Are you fed up of your beginner instrument, looking for an upgrade and finding it expensive? B-Stock is for you. Are you a school, looking for new equipment or instruments? B-Stock is for you! Normans-clearance-badgeThe clearance area, is great for all musicians and education establishments. Majority of b-stock products just have damaged outer packaging and the instrument itself is fine. Some may have a slight defect, either from transit damage or a factory second. Therefore, if you’re a beginner you can start learning your instrument at a lower cost (just in case you don’t enjoy it). An experienced musician can have a new challenge easily, swap a guitar for a banjo or a traditional cornet for a pCornet! Upgrade from your starter instrument, you can afford it now with the discount in clearance. Schools have access to discounted instruments, improving instrument resources and engaging more children in music. Either way, there’s multiple benefits from purchasing a b-stock item. To put your mind at ease, you do have a 30 day return period, however clearance items are not included in our ‘Free Returns Policy’. We do offer all the usual warranties (We are nice people!) and our 5 year warranty is included for any products over £150. If you purchase a b-stock item with a specified defect, this defect isn’t covered i.e. a keyboard on which a specific voice doesn’t work. So, if you like saving money, you have your eye on an instrument and can’t quite justify the spend, or you just love shopping a bargain. You can reel in the benefits of b-stock items.

You can:

Get Involved in Music – Hurray! Save money – Who wants to pay full price, when you can get the same instrument for less? Get the Instrument you’ve always wanted – Say hello to an upgrade! Try an Instrument you’ve always wanted to give a go – Pick a wildcard! shop-clearance