One of the earliest traditional instruments, the flute, can play a range of three octaves and is suitable to play many different genres of music. Producing a vivid tone on the flute is not only down to having a correct embouchure, but also having a suitable flute model.

Sonata Student Flute

learning-to-play-fluteAs a beginner, creating a warm tone can be very difficult. However, having a good starter flute will make it significantly easier. Here at Normans, our best brand for beginner flautists is Sonata. Why? Each of our high quality Sonata flutes produces a bright tone, as well as being robust. The Sonata range is also budget friendly, and also a great choice for the classroom environment, and even for teaching ensembles in schools or music hubs.

Sonata Student Curved Head Flute

curved-head-fluteStruggling to reach all the keys and mouthpiece at the same time? The curved head flute is perfect for solving this problem. It will bring the arms closer to the body, making it easier to support the flute for any struggling little arms. Whilst making it easier to hold, it will improve also stamina, ready to move onto the straight head joint (which is included). You basically have two flutes!!

So, Which Flute Should You Go For?

Overall, our Sonata range of flutes are long lasting (until around grade 3/4 standard), affordable and are great quality. Why not browse our full range here?