The Christmas Gift Guide - Bestsellers
Christmas is around the corner, there's talks of the office Christmas tree going up and a Christmas jumper has been worn to work! We're in the festive mood and we'd thought we'd help you out by creating a Gift Guide which has all our Top Picks for this Christmas. We set Mini J up with the task of telling us his top picks for Christmas 2017. So, read on, sit back.. and have a mince pie, you might aswell, ay? Mini J

Mini J

Rocket Melodica

Blue Rocket Melodica An ideal Christmas gift for anyone, the Melodica requires no musical experience whatsoever. They are great fun to use and play around with, you will certainly be remembered for giving one of the best presents ever! Like I said, no musical background needed. Simply blow through the tube and press on some keys. You’ll be walking round the house playing Silent Night in no time at all!

Nuvo TooT

Blue and White Nuvo Toot The plastic woodwind range is growing, and so why not treat someone to the ever-popular Nuvo TooT? Designed from the flute and fife, it’s brilliant to get to grips with over the festive season. Don’t worry though! They are available in a wide range of colours, so perfect for all the family! For £20, I think these are going to be very popular over the coming weeks!

Rocket Ukuleles

Selection of Ukulele Rockets Need a present for an adult or child? Then look no further than the ukulele! This 4 stringed miniature guitar is perfect for anyone looking for a bit of musical fun this Christmas. Available in a whole selection of festive colours, these ukuleles are the ideal gift for anyone with a creative ear. You could even get several in different colours, and create your own Christmas band! The possibilities are endless!!

A-Star Djembe

A selection of A-Star Djembe's Looking to make some noise in the family household? There’s nothing better than gifting someone one of the noisiest African drums in existence!! Absolutely brilliant for the aspiring drummer, the djembe is the perfect start to get rhythm and timing. Plus the fact that they are available in various sizes, and they have traditional African patterns printed on the instrument. You could give someone the power to become the next “Little Drummer Boy”!


Selection of pBrass One of the most popular instrument groups of the year in my opinion, “pBrass” has certainly taken the musical world by storm! So, if you have a family member or friend who has always wanted to have a blow on an instrument, why not help them with their wish this Christmas. Available at Normans, we have the pBone, pTrumpet, pBuzz and the all new…. pCornet!! Extremely lightweight, very durable and supplied in a range of colours, these are sure to bring a smile to any aspiring brass player’s face! Brass bands are very common around Christmas time; why not make your own with these fantastic plastic instruments!! Mini J