The New pBone - Plastic Fantastic?
Pbone Before very recently, plastic instruments could be discounted as toys. They would be cheap, unusable in a serious musical fashion and would largely appear at Christmas, to be consigned to the attic shortly thereafter. Not so the the plastic trombone, shortened to 'pBone' - since it's release date the pBone has revolutionised the brass education sector like never before. Not only is it affordable, low maintenance and nearly indestructible, it's also a fully functional instrument - meaning anybody can start to learn to play the trombone for under £120! For larger orders, pBone themselves offer in-service training on the instrument. Workshops can include taster sessions and first lessons, composition and improvisation right the way through to a 'Trombone for dummies' class aimed at music teachers who aren't brass musicians - most importantly, the training is designed to introduce informal, fun ways to learn to the existing brass teaching. On top of all this, the pBone also offers the opportunity for the individual to express themselves visually as well as musically, with a whole spectrum of colours, including Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow and recent launches include Black, White, Orange and Pink! The Pink pBone was launched in support of Breast Cancer UK and £10 from every sale goes towards the charity. pink_pbone_2 What's more, the pBone Mini has recently arrived - hot on the heels of it's Bb counterpart, the Eb (Alto) version is ideal for smaller children or for the musician looking to expand their plastic arsenal! Currently available in Red & Blue. The only thing Normans wants to know is - which instrument will receive the plastic makeover next? See our full range of pBone & pBone Minis!