banjo Banjos and other folk instruments have shot up in popularity over recent years. With the festival scene growing and people picking up more traditional instruments, a good affordable Banjo is ideal. Rocket have two great choices for beginners which both hold their own amongst more expensive models. With this, there is the Rocket Banjolele, which is great for someone who needs something more compact and simple!

banjoThe Rocket Western Banjo

This 5-string banjo is very standard in its design. Including a mahogany resonator, pot, and neck, as well as a Remo coated head and materials which are normally found on much higher priced instruments. With this, the four main open gear tuners with a high ratio 5th tuner all hold tune exceptionally well. To ensure it can be transported it is supplied with a padded gigbag. Visibly this banjo evokes the appearance of a very traditional instrument. From the nickel-plated tailpiece and arm rest to the clover/snowflake style inlays. Topped with a cream binding round the resonator, this is a very attractive Banjo. What sets this model apart from others is the mahogany pot? This produces a much warmer tone than metal pot models, making this my preferred model as it does product a more mellow sound. This makes the Western Banjo ideal for folk playing, traditional European jazz, or playing as a background instrument.

The Rocket Bluegrass Banjo

Very similar in many ways to the Western model, the Rocket Bluegrass Banjo is another instrument ideal for beginners or those looking for a low-budget option. With the same hardware and materials as the previous model, the difference is, the Bluegrass Banjo features a metal pot. So, while the general playability across the two models is near identical, the tone differs. As the name suggests, this model excels at Bluegrass and other more “Jangly” genres. The metal pot provides a much brighter and cutting tone, so the sound will stand out more in a mix.

The Rocket Concert Banjolele

The newest addition to the Rocket Banjo family, the Concert Banjolele is great for any George Formby enthusiast. Combining the best attributes of both the Banjo and the Ukulele. This instrument projects incredibly well, while having the ease of playing a Ukulele. Again, having high quality materials and hardware, the Banjolele, similar to the previous models, features a Remo head. While many Banjoleles will be either open back or resonator style, you can get the best of both worlds here. The mahogany back can be removed, to create an open back model. Again, a handy padded gigbag is provided with this instrument, making it perfect for travel!