Konig & Meyer Table Top Stand

table-top-music-standMuch smaller than the traditional folding music stand is a multipurpose stand, designed for table tops. This pint sized build makes this stand highly portable and perfect for home, school or band. Further, it is highly adjustable, allowing it to comfortably hold sheet music, books, magazines and reports.

rocket-foldable-music-standRocket Heavy Duty Music Stand

This stand brings the oxymoron lightweight (1.4kg) and heavy duty together. The height is adjustable from 55cm to 125cm which suits all sizes of players and when not in use, can be folded into a compact size for easy storage and transportation. To make things even easier, this stand comes with a useful carry bag

TGI Music Stand

purple-foldable-music-standTGI offers sturdy stands that come in a multitude of colours; black, blue, chrome, purple, pink and red if you are interested. All in all, it offers top, middle and bottom locks to adjust the height, as well as an angle adjustment for the music rest. To make this all better, the rest also has music extensions and page holders, and is supplied with a sturdy carry bag.

Hercules Heavy Duty Collapsible Music Stand

heavy-duty-music-standLight, portable, robust, collapsible, adjustable, and comes with a carry case? Great, all great. But nothing all that special right? Wrong. This is the only stand that has the super easy, super useful EZ Grip one-handed adjustment. This adjustment means there are no screws to get cross threaded, making this stand ideal for all ages. There are many more music stands to choose from! Why not take a look?