Top 5 Hand Bells Under £25
Hand Bells are a great way to introduce percussion to anyone. They are popular amongst festive seasons especially Christmas. I have picked out my top 5 Hand Bells under £25 for some inspiration for festive presents:

1) A-Star Hands Bells Set of 8

coloured-hand-bellsThe A-Star Hand Bells are perfect for kids especially to be used in an educational way. They are colour coordinated for different notes and arranged to cover an octave. They can be played by either ringing them like a hand bell or ringing the top of the bell on a desktop for a single person ensemble.

2) A-star Bell Shakers

bell-shakersThe A-Star Bell Shakers are an ideal first instrument for younger children. They produce a fantastic sound and can begin to teach children about rhythm and timing. Supplied in a pack of 6.

3) A-Star 21 Sleigh Bells

sleigh-bellThese fun and festive Sleigh Bells are a great idea for Christmas percussion performances to go with events such as carol singing. They are most popular around the Christmas season however they work really well in percussion sets for children to use in schools and workshops.

4) A-Star 9 Bell Hand Bells

top-hand-bellsAnother festive addition to the hand bells family is the 9 bell hand bell. This is very similar to the sleigh bells except a quieter version. They are mounted on a metal sheet with a wooden handle creating a half circle look. They are very easy to play and perfect for kids over the age of 3.

5) A-Star 3 Bell Hand Bells

a-star-handbellThese are tiny hand bells that are cheap and perfect for any child who is a budding percussionist. It has 3 bells attached to a sturdy plastic handle. Another great addition to a percussion class; good for school use or for kids to join in with larger performances. If you need any more information on hand bells then please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help and answer any queries you have. You can get to me on 01283 535 333 option 1, or email to