Every musician knows that no matter what instrument you play there is a range of vital accessories to assist you with taking care of your instrument as well as help you with playing. Here is my list of absolute must-haves for an acoustic piano owner that will help you play comfortably and effectively as well as keep your piano clean and well looked after. If you have any accessories you would like to add or a particular one you cannot do without, drop me a comment below, I would love to hear from you! Castors Castors are an extremely useful thing to have whether you have an upright or a grand piano. These are great for keeping your piano mobile as well as stable to prevent it from tipping over. You will be able to move it around a lot easier and feel much safer when playing. Here at Normans we sell the most popular models such as Tozer 723 SMALL PLATE School Conversion Kit, Fletcher Newman Easyfit Frame for GC1/C1L Grand Piano, Tozer 725 FLETCHER School Conversion Kit and Fletcher Newman Easyfit Frame for GB1 Grand Piano. So if you haven't already got some castors, make sure to take a look, your piano will thank you. Drop us an email or call us if you are unsure of which model would be best for you, our team will be happy to help. Piano Bench/Stool Possibly one of the most essential items on this list, a good piano bench is vital for correct posture and comfort so that you can perform and practice endlessly. One of the most crucial things would probably be sitting at a correct height, therefore, I would definitely advise to go for an adjustable height stool. For example, Rocket Piano Stool with Music Box is a very popular choice with our customers due to its great value and handy music box where you can store your sheet music. If you are teaching, thinking of having lessons at home or simply playing in a duet, a Double Piano Bench would be a really good option (available in a range of colours). Finally, for a timeless, uncompromising quality, we would recommend the custom-made Tozer Piano Benches. There is a wide variety of wood and fabric options to choose from and Tozer benches are some of the best on the market, really worth the investment. Metronome Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pianist, a metronome is always a very handy practice tool. It helps to keep you in time and can make a massive difference on how well you perform a range of piano pieces. We have a wide variety to choose from, including the great-value, colourful Percussion Plus Metronomes to best-selling Wittner Metronomes that will add a touch of vintage class to your environment. So go ahead, treat yourself to an accessory and prepare to be surprised by how much it can improve your musicianship! Music stand light A music stand light can greatly assist your performance. Even if you have the lights on in the room, you still may want to illuminate the sheet music so that it is clearly visible. Or, if you are playing in a darker environment, extra lighting will be essential. Stagg Piano Lamp is very popular and highly recommended as it is adjustable and powerful. Alternatively, the Mighty Bright Music Stand Light would be a great option that clips on the music rest of your piano. Cloth Last but not least, a cloth is essential to keep the dust and grime off your piano. Most acoustic pianos will have a polished or wooden finish; therefore, we would recommend wiping the instrument with a soft cloth to avoid damaging the surface. For example, Fender Premium Plush Microfiber Polishing Cloth is a really good choice with a very soft feel. Although it is initially designed for guitars, it would be suitable for cleaning a piano too. Alternatively, another microfiber (or other soft household cloth) would work just fine to keep your instrument shiny and clean.