Top Mandolins for Beginners
Since the popularity of the ukulele and the banjo the mandolin has become much more of a prominent instrument over the last few years. It's small and has a different sound, similar to the banjo and this makes it stand out for people who don't want to follow the trend of playing the guitar. Likewise the mandolin is attractive to guitar players due to the distinctive tone it produces. This means they can stand out (and all guitars players like to do so) as well as experimenting with new sounds. At Normans we sell some good beginner mandolins that sound great and are at an affordable price: MAS01Rocket Traditional Bluegrass Mandolin The Bluegrass mandolin is traditional looking and sounding that is extremely popular. The design of this mandolin is great and it has a nice tone projected from the basswood build. At an affordable price it is ideal for anyone looking to take up the mandolin without spending too much money. MAB01Rocket Solid Spruce Top Mandolin With the solid spruce top you will get that better sound quality and tone out of this mandolin. It is a beautiful looking instrument that has a good projection and is ideal if you are looking for something that has that bit more quality. MAE02Rocket Electro-Acoustic Mandolin The Electro -Acoustic version is great if you are looking to gig or play you mandolin through an amp. It is a durable mandolin so will withstand being carried around for gigs and will never let you down. It has on-board separate volume and tone controls so you will always have authority over your sound. MAB02Rocket Bluegrass Spruce Top Mandolin This Mandolin is similar to the other Spruce Top mentioned one above however it has a different design which I think looks amazing, having a sound hole rather than 2 F holes. Because of this you do get a different tone and it sounds great. If I am honest all of these Mandolins are great and sound amazing. They are durable and are extremely affordable. Why not try something different? Thanks, Jack