Thinking about getting a ukulele? If you want to know more about the ukulele and what you should be looking for then this guide is for you. I have put this together to explain common ukulele terms, frequently asked questions and what to look for when buying a ukulele. Common Ukulele Terms Are you not familiar with the various different terms used for the components of the ukulele that are important to understand when shopping? I have explained all the key and common terms used when talking about a ukulele in this guide. Frequently Asked Questions I have put together a list of the most recurrent questions that the sales team gets asked. The questions include:
  • What about Electric Ukuleles?
  • Does the Shape Affect the Sound?
  • What Tuning is a Ukulele in?
  • Should I read Reviews?
  • How do you Tune a Ukulele?
What to Look for When Buying a Ukulele I also cover the important things to look for when buying a ukulele and how these different things can affect the overall playability and sound quality as well as the different sized ukulele’s you can get. DOWNLOAD-HERE