An Electronic Drum Kit is always a great idea for drummers. Aside from some noise hitting the pads, you don’t have to suffer the volume of an acoustic kit! They are a perfect solution for home practice, especially for beginners. But there are quite a few options out there so it’s difficult to find the best one for you.


Carlsbro offer a wide range of affordable, yet high quality electronic drum kits. Ideal for beginners, but with options for the advancing player.

Carlsbro CSD100 Electronic Drum Kit

Very cost effective and easy to use, the CSD100 kit is the most entry level kit offered by Carlsbro. carlsbro-electronic-drum-kitWith 10 preset kits built in, there will be sounds suitable for any learner and their preferred style. With this, there are 108 built-in voices. The drum pads are all high quality, rubber pads and the ride cymbal features a dual zone pad. This allows for both bell and bow sounds. The built-in metronome which has an adjustable tempo, as well as time signature, is great for practicing rhythm. The Aux Input also allows to play your own music through the kit for practice. The recording feature is also great to allow you to listen to your progress. The MIDI output also makes this kit perfect for use as a cost-effective MIDI drum controller.

Carlsbro CSD120 Electronic Kit

Providing a step up from the previous model, this kit has all the features of the CSD100 and more. electronic-drum-kitFeaturing 20 preset kits as well as space for 10 user created kits, these kits can be created from the 250 voices built in to this model. Along with this, the module features reverb to give your sound ambience and atmosphere. The CSD120 also folds up into a very compact unit for situations where storage space is a concern. The snare on the CSD120 is dual zone to allow for rim shots, and the crash and ride cymbals are chokeable. This model has a few more inputs and outputs, including a MIDI input and output, making this a great studio kit.

Carlsbro CSD400 Electronic Drum Kit

The Carlsbro CSD400 is perfect for those wanting a very realistic feel and lots of features. drum-kitWith 29 preset kits, 12 user kit slots and 358 voices to use, this is the most comprehensive kit here. Each mesh drum pad is dual zone, including the three toms. The two cymbals are chokeable and the bass drum is activated with a real kick pedal to add to that acoustic feel. With the use of a real kick pedal, this kit allows the use of double pedals. The module has a built-in 3-band EQ to shape your tone, as well as 2 reverb settings. There is also adjustable sensitivity and crosstalk if required.

Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit

yamaha-drum-kitYamaha offer the DTX402K Electronic drum kit which is a great simple kit for beginners. There are 10 built in drum kits and the option to use the built-in sounds. The lesson functions are great for new players, and the Yamaha app can open up your options for learning. With this, there is also a built-in metronome. On this kit, the snare is dual zone to allow for rims shots and the cymbals are chokeable. Also available as a package; includes seat, sticks and headphones.