In the market for a new digital piano? Not sure whether you want to experiment with guitar, brass and synth sounds, or focus on traditional piano style playing?

We have narrowed our wide selection down to 2 models to investigate further. The Axus AXD2 and Yamaha DGX660.

#1. Yamaha DGX660

Renowned for being as we call ‘the best of both worlds’ instrument, DGX660 is an exclusive model in the Yamaha Digital Piano line-up.

It features a gradually weighted 88 note piano action, the same as an acoustic instrument. This means it is fantastic for lessons, capable of taking you to a Grade 8 and beyond standard.

However, what makes it different is the fact is has an entire range of instrument voices and backing styles. These are typically found on cheaper keyboards, making it a very fun and unique piano!

The DGX660 does come included with a wooden stand to fix it to; additional pedals can be purchased separately to make it a full piano. It really is the best of both worlds!

It is designed to be used in a variety of locations, from home to studio. The only thing to bear in mind is whether you need to buy the pedals, but that will depend on the type of music being played!

#2. Axus AXD2

Saving the best until last, the Axus AXD2. An exclusive model to us here at Normans, this piano has proved to be a very popular alternative to more expensive ‘branded’ instruments.

Housed in a beautiful wooden cabinet, the AXD2 is a fantastic piano for the home or classroom. It comes included with 88 gradually weighted keys, but also 3 piano style pedals in the box. No need to pay extra for them!

The piano tone built into AXD2 is extraordinary for the price, meaning it can produce the perfect response for any piece of music. As well as this, the piano comes with a wonderful array of sounds to pick and choose from. The choices are endless.

As mentioned, the AXD2 is a cabinet piano, meaning it is also a lovely piece of furniture. With the sliding key cover and included piano bench, you can’t really get better value for money.