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Instruments for Children

Instruments for Children

Looking for your child's first instrument or just a fun musical instrument for the school holidays? We have a great range of instruments, microphones and percussion to keep you child busy and involved in music. 

Instruments include pbone, ptrumpets, pbuzz and of course, the pcornet - in a variety of colours. Not to mention the pbone bundle! There's everything from a bright pink harmonica to a Yamaha keyboard. We find children prefer brighter coloured instruments and that's why this category is probably the brightest and most colourful category we have.

With making music at the heart of what we do, we couldn't wait to pass this on to children. Music is a large part of the world and different cultures. In this category, you'll find instruments which make different sounds, require different methods to making the sounds which will bring so much musical development to your child. Not to mention oodles of fun! You can join in together as a family and if you're one to think... but the noise! There's keyboards and electronic drum kits which you can plug head phones in so you do not hear a thing. See, we really do have everything!