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Music Bags & Stands

Music Bags & Stands

Sheet Music, Music Books, Pens and that handy rubber are flying everywhere. There's no room in your child's school bag (or they just keep losing everything amongst school books, Johnny's ruler and Amelia's fancy eraser). So, action is needed and this is where these specifically made music carrier bags come into play!

In a variety of colours which you could co-ordinate with your music stand; one, so your child remembers which stand is there's and two, well why wouldn't you want to co-ordinate?

Music stands are essential, unless you fancy your child balancing a sheet of music on a lyre for the rest of the school year (didn't think so).

Predominantly for school children and educational purposes we'd recommend the folding music stands, due to their flexibility.

They can go anywhere due to being so lightweight - ideal for school and those school band nights or the end of year production (Which obviously the date is already in the diary for, tickets are pending and to your child you're oozing excitment...thought so).