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Yamaha Silent Brass Mutes

Yamaha Silent Brass Mutes

You've seen Brass Instrument Mutes and you're thinking fab-u-lous my child can practice whilst not disturbing Linda from next door, upsetting the dog or causing the household to purchase a secret stash of ear plugs...joking! Of course your child is great at everything they play. 

Most Brass Mutes don't make the sound coming from your child's instrument any quieter; however, they do change the sound and make creating music slightly more fun. You can create a sharper or more mellow tone or venture into playing Jazz featuring a Harmon mute (Extending Tube Mute) allowing a multitude of different sounds. 

There is a practice mute which does slightly dim the noise, however you will still hear the instrument. It's great for practicing before your gig or when you have upset Linda from next door and you're hoping she won't notice your latest practice session, giving her a couple of days to cool down. 

Instead you can splash out on the Yamaha Silent Brass Systems featuring personal headphones ensuring nobody in the next room can hear you. This I'd most definitely recommend. Keep household harmony, let your child enjoy music and practice playing your instrument at the same time with not disturbing each other.

Unlike the practice mutes where it can be hard to fully hear how you're playing, the system Yamaha have created ensures your instrument plays as it would without the mute. You can also hear clearly how you're playing. Featuring a smooth transition to practice and performing. 

If you'd like any advice on which mute to go for, then contact us via 01283 535333 or use the live chat function at the bottom of the screen.