Forenza Uno Violin Starter Pack

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Size: Full Size
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This 4/4 violin outfit is an excellent choice for the budget-conscious parent if your child is moving through different violin sizes and you do not want to invest too much money in an instrument until they are big enough for a full size model. It comes supplied with a smart-looking case, wooden bow and rosin, tuner, strings, shoulder rest and music stand – all the necessary accessories for your child to learn comfortably, without burning a hole in your wallet.

Ages are given as a guide only. The best way to double check is to physically hold a violin in the playing position. You should then be able to extend the arm and comfortably cover the scroll with your hand, without stressing the elbow.

Although this violin can tailor to any budget, it certainly does not have a cheap look or feel. Straight out of the case, it is equipped with tensioned strings and a well-fitted bridge that is set up, ready to play. The violin itself has a natural, warm and a presentable look that will make any child excited about this instrument! The fittings of this violin will please any teacher, as it offers quality hardwood fingerboard and pegs and includes a durable integral tailpiece with 4 fine tuners that allow you to tune your instrument with ease. To top it all off, this instrument produces an ear-pleasing, enjoyable sound through all notes.

The 4/4 size Uno Series violin outfit is ideal for any beginner and is well-equipped for a successful start in learning to play. It is also catered for every young player’s personal preference, offering colourful finishes in purple, red and black.


  • Perfect as a beginners instrument, especially when moving through different sizes
  • Quality, smart lightweight case with backpack style straps
  • Durable integral tailpiece, 4 integral adjusters
  • Hard-wearing wooden fingerboard and pegs
  • Wooden bow and quality rosin included
  • Good quality body with a rich, glossy finish
  • Fitted bridge that is set up ready to play
  • Includes a tuner, shoulder rest, music stand, spare strings set, rosin and violin bow.

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