Yamaha Silent Brass Mute Only for Trumpet/Cornet

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Yamaha Silent Brass Mute provides a truly revolutionary way of practicing quietly for brass players all over the world! Just look at the first reactions other musicians had when trying out the Silent Brass System in the video below.

This mute is perfect for most trumpet and cornet models and here at Normans we believe it is a must-have accessory for every musician who is passionate about their craft and wants the freedom to play anywhere at any time. The PM7X model is compact and lightweight, it is very easy to attach and remove and because of its compact design, you can leave it inside your instrument as you put it back in the case. The ergonomic style is crucial if you are constantly on the go and have a bunch of accessories to carry with you. The Yamaha silent mute features a built-in electric condenser microphone that accurately captures and recreates the sound of your instrument. While the mute makes the sound extremely quiet, you can listen to your trumpet or cornet in full volume and beautiful resonance through the mini phone jack. This will make a perfect gift to any trumpet/cornet player.

**PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT ONLY WORKS FULLY IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE 'SILENT BRASS MODULE** Without the system is is simply a mute. Yamaha supply the mute separately as you can use the entire range of Silent Brass Mutes through a single system.  


  • Yamaha Silent Brass Mute for trumpet/cornet
  • Compact, dimensions: 82 x 139 mm
  • Weight: 70g
  • Mini headphone jack
  • Built-in pick up condenser microphone
  • Nominal level: -25dB ~- 35dB
  • Brass Resonance Modelling when used with Yamaha STX Personal Studio
  • Supplied with a cable and owner’s manual
  • AA batteries not included

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