Denis Wick DW5510 Cornet/Trumpet Plunger Mute

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High purity spun aluminium plunger mute with hard PVC protective edges.

The high purity spun aluminium gives this mute excellent intonation and carrying power. The silver anodised brushed finish gives this mute a high quality look and sound. Plunger mutes are often used in a manner similar to the hat mute, where the musician manipulates the plunger in front of the bell while playing with their other hand. A "closed" plunger gives a tone similar to a tightly inserted cup mute while manipulating it from open to closed can give you many different effects to your sound.


  • Made in aluminium with hard PVC edges.
  • Flocksprayed interior.
  • Offers excellent intonation.
  • Popular for use in avant-garde music and for jazz effects.

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