Mouthpiece Pouch for Trumpet, Cornet or Flugel Horn


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Protect your mouthpiece from scratches and dents by keeping it in the Sonata mouthpiece pouch when not in use. Whether you keep your mouthpiece in your pocket or your case the pouch will protect the mouthpiece at all times.

Suitable for Trumpet, Cornet and Flugel Horn mouthpieces.

The popular Sonata brand offers high quality and robust orchestral brass and woodwind instruments. Sonata also provides accessories for woodwind and brass instruments, such as stands, cleaners and mouthpieces. The brand is designed specifically for students and beginners and has been tried and tested in education environments over a number of years.


  • Mouthpiece pouch for trumpet, cornet or flugel horn
  • Soft vinyl material keeps the mouthpiece protected
  • Keeps your mouthpiece secure and prevents instrument damage in your case

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