Nino NINOSET1 Percussion Music Rhythm Set - 5 Pieces - Including Bag

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The NINO® Set1 contains some great sounding instruments to get younger students on the road to percussive stardom! Containing a 6" ABS Hand Drum, large Wood Shaker, small traditional and authentic Rawhide Maracas, and a fun Jingle Stick, you have an amazing array and variation of achievable percussive tones and techniques to explore.

NINO® Instruments have been designed to meet the demands of early childhood education and are perfectly suitable for use in kindergartens, schools, music therapy and musical activities in the family. 

Set Contains:
- 1 x Skin Maracas, small (pair) (NINO10)
- 1 x ABS Hand Drum - 6" (NINO4R)
- 1 x Jingle Stick (NINO13R)
- 1 x Wood Shaker, large (NINO2)
- 1 x Carry bag

Age Rating: 3+

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