Montreux Rocket Cork Grease (Lipstick Style)

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Containing 2oz of cork grease, this product is perfect for those stiff joints, whether it be a clarinet, oboe, or saxophone. The lipstick style design makes it much easier to apply to the cork. It makes no mess on the instrument or you. It lubricates the joints and prevents the cork from drying out, which enables them to work freely when assembling and taking apart the instrument.

It will massively reduce the risk of any breakages to the cork. Breaking this means that it will be harder to put together, and it might also increase the chance of air leaking and making it very hard to play. By applying cork grease every now and then, this risk will be reduced massively. If you are applying it to a new instrument, we would recommend applying it every time you put the instrument together.

Once the cork starts to absorb the cork grease, you will then be able to apply it roughly once a week, when and where it needs it. There is a lid for protection when it is not being used, and a lipstick style casing so when you are running out of grease, you can easily top it up.

This will make it last longer as you are not wasting any. Small in size, this will fit in your case so that it is always with you when you are in need of it. There are also cheap so are great for spares.


  • Lipstick style cork grease
  • Easy to apply with no mess
  • Lubricates joints and enabling them to work freely and avoid damage when assembling/taking apart
  • Suitable for clarinet and oboe joints and saxophone crook corks
  • Excellent value
  • 2oz

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