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Yamaha CLP665GP Clavinova Grand Piano - Polished Ebony

Yamaha CLP665GP Clavinova Grand Piano - Polished Ebony

Product code: CLP665GP
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Not only does the elegant frame of the Polished Ebony CLP 665 GP Yamaha Clavinova look like a grand piano – it sounds like one too! Yamaha have successfully recreated the look, sensation, sound and overall experience of playing a grand piano; which means that the team here at Normans are very excited!
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Polished Ebony CLP 665 GP Yamaha Clavinova Grand Piano

Not only does the elegant frame of the Polished Ebony CLP 665 GP Yamaha Clavinova look like a grand piano – it sounds like one too! Yamaha have successfully recreated the look, sensation, sound and overall experience of playing a grand piano; which means that the team here at Normans are very excited!

There are many advantages of choosing a digital piano, however sound and playing experience are not normally amongst them. But, we’re here to inform you that with the new CLP 665 Yamaha Clavinova Grand Piano, you don’t have to compromise.

Jack, Resident Expert at Normans Tells Us What He Thinks…

Jack thinks:‘One of the main reasons as to why people buy grand pianos is partly due to the sound, but also due to their aesthetics. There is no other instrument that can sit as elegantly as a piano, but of course you still have to cover all of the maintenance. Well, Yamaha have designed a digital piano, but in the shape of a grand. It has a sleek, shiny finish, and you can raise the lid, just as you would with a real one. The real benefit of digital instruments of course is their connectivity and functions. You have 2 headphone inputs on this piano, and so that is particularly popular, so you can continue to play without disturbing anyone. Of course, you have all your different voices and styles, and so you can continue to customise your music. However, one of the most exciting features of this instrument are the two main piano voices. You are able to play both the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial Grand. These are two of the most iconic pianos that have been released, and you get the choice of which one to play. They have been carefully sampled from the acoustic version, so you get a realistic playing experience. Overall, the CLP 665 is a brilliant looking and sounding piano, and is able to suit any home, studio or school. Yamaha have really shown their knowledge and skills by manufacturing this instrument.’

Powerful Voice of an Authentic Grand

When listening to the stunning Polished Ebony CLP 665 Yamaha Clavinova you may be forgiven for thinking that you’re listening to a true grand. Yamaha have taken voice samples from the world-renowned Bösendorfer Imperial Grand and Yamaha’s very own CFX Grand Piano.

Both of these striking Grand Pianos are renowned for the power and robust character of their sound, and with the help of a master piano technician, Yamaha have successfully encapsulated that rich voice in the Polished Ebony CLP 665 Yamaha Clavinova Grand.

Fantastic Damper & String Resonance

In a digital piano, the sound can often be flat due to the lack of resonance and reverberation. Yamaha have counteracted this problem by integrating String Resonance which has been incorporated to mirror the mellow tones which occur in an acoustic piano when the strings react with one another.

In addition to this, Yamaha have included Damper Resonance which is specifically designed to mimic the deep and meaningful notes which emulate from an acoustic piano. Both the String Resonance and the Damper Resonance work together, to create a rich and powerful sound which has a lot of depth and emotion to it.

Travel Between Tones

As you travel along the keys of a piano, it’s imperative that your instrument of choice allows you to play with style while moving between tones. The Polished Ebony CLP 665 Yamaha Clavinova allows you to do just this.

They have made this possible by recording long samples taken from the Bösendorfer and Yamaha’s CFX, which make it possible to play a multitude of different styles.

Smooth Release Technology

Yamaha have also included their Smooth Release Technology into the design of the CLP 665 Yamaha Clavinova Grand Piano – which means that the keys adjust to the players touch and the pressure which is applied to each of the 88 individual keys.

256-Note Polyphony

The ability to play a number of different notes simultaneously is very important, and with the 256-note polyphony this is made possible.

Key-Off Samples

To maintain the authentic tone and sound quality of the CFX and the Bösendorfer, Yamaha have kept the key-off samples. This is when the pianist depresses the damper pedal in order to mute the notes – this has the affect of creating a small alteration to the tone, a change which is only audible to those with a keen ear.

Amazing Playing Experience with the New CLP 665 Yamaha Clavinova

Yamaha have focused on improving the playing experience of their Clavinova range, which is why the Polished Ebony CLP 665 Yamaha Clavinova Grand Piano includes a whole host of different features which are designed to do just this. We’ve listed a few of these features below.

Graded Hammer 3X (GH3X) Keyboard

The Graded Hammer 3X (GH3X) mirrors the hammer mechanism within a grand piano, so that the pianist can feel the slight resistance when they press down on the individual keys. It’s a subtle change but one that transforms the entire playing experience for the pianist.

Synthetic Ivory Keys

Synthetic ivory keys have been used on each of the 88 keys – the effects imitates the feel of a grand piano, and allows the pianist to embrace the cool touch of the synthetic ivory as they travel along the keys.

Powerful Resonance & Sound Amplification

The resonance and power of the sound which is released from an acoustic piano is overwhelming, carrying with it the emotion of the passage. Digital pianos struggle to recreate the force of sound which is achievable in an acoustic piano.

Yet Yamaha have somehow achieved it. They have carefully positioned the speakers so that the sound is released with force. This is enhanced by the custom-designed sound system which is available only in the CLP 665 Yamaha Clavinova Grand Piano.

Acoustic Optimiser

In order to maintain the quality of sound and tone which is available in the CFX and the Bösendorfer, Yamaha have included an Acoustic Optimiser. This regulates the flow of sound and adjusts the tone so that great sound quality is achieved every time you sit down to play the CLP 665 Yamaha Clavinova Grand.

Great Technological Features

The Polished Ebony CLP 565 Yamaha Clavinova Grand includes a number of features which we like to refer to as ‘modern-day necessities’. We’ve listed some of the most popular features below.

16 Track Recording & USB Audio Recorder

As any musician will appreciate, it’s important to record your performance and listen to it back. This highlights any areas which might need improving. This is achievable with the 16 track recording feature which is available at a touch of a button. Plus, with the option of a USB Audio recorder you can upload it straight to your computer or portable audio device. No hassle.

Piano Lessons & Rhythms

For those who are still refining their technical skills, you can practice with the help of the 303 piano lessons which are available on the CLP 565 Yamaha Clavinova Grand Piano. You also have a range of different rhythms to choose from.

Built-in Bluetooth Interface

Yamaha have introduced a new Bluetooth interface into the mechanics of the CLP 665. With this, you can connect your device to the piano, and play songs in your music library through its speakers. Brilliant for all occasions, as the piano will stay the main centre of attention.

Full Features of the Polished Ebony CLP 665 Yamaha Clavinova Grand Piano

  • 88-Notes
  • GH3 Linear Graded Hammer Action
  • NWX (Natural Wood X) keyboard with synthetic ivory keytops 
  • Samples from the Yamaha CFX and the Imperial from Bösendorfer
  • 256 Note Polyphony
  • Large variety of built-in voices, realistic styles and digital effects
  • 128 x 64 Full Dot LCD Screen
  • Metronome, Transpose,  Dual/Layer, Split functions
  • String resonance, Damper resonance
  • 16 track recording
  • USB Audio Recorder (Playback/Recording: WAV)
  • External Flash Memory,  1.5MB internal memory
  • 3 Pedals - Damper with half pedal effect, Sostenuto, Soft
  • 2 x Headphone inputs
  • MIDI in/out/thru,  Aux in/out,  USB to Device, USB to Host
  • 3-Way Speakers
  • 2 x (50W + 50W + 50W) amplifiers
  • 2 x (16cm + 8cm +2.5cm) speakers
  • Dimensions: 1430 x 932 x 1147 mm
  • Weight: 103kg
  • Basic assembly is required

Still Have Questions?

If you still have unanswered questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Normans on 01283 535333.
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