Carlsbro CSD100 Drum Kit Bundle

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The Carlsbro CSD100 Electronic Drum Kit is the perfect electronic drum kit for beginners who are looking for something that is fully functional, but affordable. While aimed at beginners, this kit is suitable for any player looking for an electronic kit which won’t break the bank. The compact size of the frame also makes it ideal for school drum lessons where an acoustic kit isn’t feasible.

This electronic kit features 4 drum pads, a snare and three toms, 3 cymbal pads, hi-hats, crash and ride, and two pedals, which control the hi-hats and the kick drum. The dual zone ride cymbal allows for both bell and bow sounds. With this, the use of electronic pedals reduces any noise that would come from a standard bass pedal.

The Commander 100 Sound Module that comes with the Carlsbro CSD100 Kit features 10 preset drum kits, 108 individual percussion voices and 10 demo songs. With this, the unit has a built in metronome and recording feature.

To ensure silent, or close to silent, practice, there is a headphone output, and to let you play along with your favourite songs there is an AUX input which can connect a phone or tablet to the kit with ease. With this there is both an audio output, and a MIDI output, making this a great studio kit which can be used as MIDI controller too.


  • 108 high quality percussion voices
  • 10 preset drum kits
  • Aux in jack, Line output, Headphone output, MIDI Output
  • Recording and playback facility
  • Metronome with time signature, tempo and volume adjustments

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