Denis Wick 5880E SM4X Euphonium Mouthpiece

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Designed by Steven Mead

This new range of Denis Wick Ultra X mouthpieces has been designed by Steven Mead and is popular amongst all types of players. The Ultra mouthpieces have a slightly shallower cup than previous models with slight changes to the cup shape and maintaining the same outside shape and diameter as the no.4 of 26.00 mm. These mouthpieces give a real boost to the high register and provide very clear and focused low notes.

What Does Steven Mead say about the new mouthpieces

  • You will certainly feel an improvement in stamina.
  • You will find much greater clarity and stability in the high range. This means that not only are the high notes a lot more achievable, and for a longer time, but will also be much more controllable dynamically and tonally.
  • It also helps to stabilise the embouchure, requiring less movement from the lips, especially with flexibility, slurring and playing right across the range.
  • Low tones are also clearer and less ‘spread'.
  • Articulation seems to be generally more reliable, especially at soft dynamics.
  • It also enables you to play slightly longer phrases.
  • For some, you may even feel that you don't need to practice quite so much to keep up your stamina. As a teacher I feel slightly uncomfortable about saying this because of the age-old ‘practice, practice, practice’ methodology! But now you can work on other things apart from stamina building!


  • Diameter: 39.6 mm
  • Cup Diameter: 26.00 mm
  • Rim Width: 6.3 mm
  • Bore Size: 7.40 mm
  • Back Bore: V-type

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