Montreux Flexible Trombone Cleaning Brush

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Keep your instrument internally clean with this practical accessory flexible cleaning brush, keeping your inner and outer slide hygienic.

If dirt and debris are allowed to accumulate in the slides of your instrument, it can impair the performance and can accumulate bacteria. The long, dual-ended brushes are ideal for cleaning trombones, plus the interior of baritones, tenor horns, euphoniums and tubas
Clean the instrument with warm, soapy water, using the brushes to remove any dirt in the tubing of the instrument. This will keep the instrument hygienic and helps with the prevention of infection.


  • Two brushes - one at either end
  • Use with warm, soapy water and an optional, minimal amount of fragrance-free, diluted, mild detergent
  • Ideal for trombone slides (inner & outer) and the internal tubing of other mid/lower brass instruments
  • Suitable for all trombones

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