Montreux Lyre - 9in Stem Nickel Plated

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Durable and reliable nickel lyre which is suitable for any brass or woodwind instrument which has a lyre box. Ideal for marching musicians and carol players as you simply attach one end of the lyre to your lyre box and the other end to your music. The lyre is nickel plated so is durable and hard wearing.

The popular Montreux brand offers high quality and robust orchestral brass and woodwind instruments. Montreux also provides accessories for all woodwind and brass instruments, such as stands, cleaners and mouthpieces. The brand is designed specifically for students and beginners and has been tried and tested in education environments over a number of years.


  • Durable and reliable 9-inch straight stem nickel-plated lyre
  • Suitable for attaching to any brass or woodwind instrument that has a lyre box
  • Strong spring mechanism to keep music secure when in use
  • Ideal for marching band players and Christmas carols
  • L: 27cm x W: 4.5cm
  • Stem diameter: 0.35cm

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