Sonata Clarinet Reeds - Size 2 - Box of 10

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Sonata reeds are perfect and a great option for beginners. This box contains 10 lots of strength 2 Sonata reeds, all of which are made from cane and are filed. Reeds that are filed are slightly easier to play than unfiled reeds as they are thinner and therefore take less effort to create a sound, thus being a great option for beginner players and students.

As these are strength 2, they will produce a slightly warmer tone than a strength 1 ½, whilst still being free blowing and having an easy response. Once comfortable playing with a strength 2 reed, you can then progress to strength 2 ½ which will produce an even warmer sound. These reeds are loved and tested by schools due to the great value for money and affordability. Reeds are easily lost or chipped, and so these reeds are perfect for keeping as backups.


  • Box of 10 reeds
  • Strength 2
  • High quality yet affordable reeds
  • Ideal for beginners and students
  • Also available in other strengths

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