Stagg MUS-ARM 2 Large Music Stand Plate - Black

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This multi purpose music stand is great in many different situations. The clamp and lock screw mechanism allows you to attach the desk to a variety of places to get the most use out of it and can be attached to anything with a diameter of 14-35 mm. The stand can be swiveled horizontally as well as the desk being adjustable forward and back. Made from steel the stand is robust yet is only 1.1.9Kg.
The desk itself is 47.8 x 34.5cm and is the big brother to the equally useful MUS-ARM 1 which has a smaller desk 31.5 x 24cm.


  • Large perforated music stand plate w/ attachable holder arm
  • Desk with punched holes and adjustable angle setting
  • Clamp and lock screw mechanism to attach the desk top wherever required (Clamp diam.14-35 mm)
  • Heavy duty, sturdy construction makes this ideal for school practice rooms or for studio artist
  • Dimensions: 49 x 35 cm

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