TGI Woodwind Brass Tuner Metronome with Clip-On Mic

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This chromatic clip on tuner is specifically designed to be used with woodwind and brass instruments such as clarinet, saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet or Trombone. It is specially calibrated to deal with instruments that operate within specific key-types such as Bb or Eb. The tuner has an in-built microphone, but also features a separate clip-on transducer pickup. This clip-on pickup is especially useful in ensuring accuracy in noisy environments. The tuner has a fully chromatic tonal range of: A0-C8 with a frequency calibration of 430Hz to 450Hz.The TGI98 Woodwind and Brass tuner also includes a metronome function with a BPM range of 30-250bpm. The beat is indicated both visually, using LED lights, and audibly with an easy-to-hear tone which can accentuate the first beat of the bar in numerous time signatures.


  • Specially created for woodwind and brass instruments. You can now accurately tune your clarinet, saxophone, french horn, trumpet or trombone.
  • Carefully calibrated to function with instruments that operate in specific keys such as B-Flat or E-Flat.
  • Includes Headphone socket.
  • Included 'Clip-On Contact' Pickup, perfect for ensuring the most accurate tuning even in noisy environments.
  • Full-featured Metronome function with both visual and audible beat indicators.

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