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3 Of The Best Upright Pianos For Beginners

Top three student pianos available from Normans. These instruments have been specially selected based on their quality, versatility and value for money. Although aimed at beginners and students, the pianos below will be perfectly suitable for professionals too as they will offer spectacular playability and sound in more compact cabinets at budget-friendly prices. Read more »

Top 5 Piano Accessories

Here is my list of absolute must-haves for an acoustic piano owner that will help you play comfortably and effectively as well as keep your piano clean and well looked after. If you have any accessories you would like to add or a particular one you cannot do without, drop me a comment below, I would love to hear from you! Read more »

Our Best Upright Pianos for Under £2500

Here at Normans we aim to provide you with a selection of best quality acoustic pianos at prices that are affordable and budget-friendly. In this article I will look at the two pianos that are available at a superb value of under £2500 and have been very popular with individuals and schools alike. These are cheaper than some digital instruments and provide you with the true authenticity and impressive looks only an acoustic instrument can offer. Read more »