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Product News

10 Of The Best String Covers

Strings may not always be everyone's cup of tea and are often seen as outdated instruments., because the have been around for so long and it is a common misconception that they are generally used in classical music. However, there are plenty of talented artists putting a completely different twist on their string instruments by performing covers of contemporary songs or simply making classical performances a lot more fun! You can see for yourselves in our top 10 string covers - I think the result is great! Read more »
Buying Guide

The Cornet

The cornet is a brass instrument. It is very similar to the trumpet but it's smaller. The most popular cornets are the Bb or soprano cornet. They are available for all different levels and abilities. Read more »

The New Yamaha Stage Custom

Yamaha have taken parts of both the Stage Custom and the Absolute Birch Custom to create new and improved features to the kit. Now it is creeping closer to purchase, what exactly has changed to make the Stage Custom Birch Version II better? Read more »

The Bassoon

The bassoon forms part of the woodwind family and is a double reed woodwind instrument. There are models available for all levels and abilities. It usually plays music written in the bass and tenor clefs. Read more »