3rd Avenue Cutaway Acoustic Guitar
The 3rd Avenue Cutaway Acoustic Guitar is ideal for players who are just starting out. With a unique design feature compared to the Standard 3rd Avenue Acoustic Guitar this is a great alternative to a regular dreadnought style.

How does it sound?

This guitar sounds exactly as you would expect an acoustic guitar to sound. There’s plenty of twang but also a very full body to the tone. Very much how you would want an instrument like this to sound! It is ideal for those who want to play popular music, and great for singers! It would even be ideal for folk and more traditional styles.

How does it feel?

The neck on this guitar has some substance to it, it is not too thick but you can definitely feel it in your hands comfortably. Unlike many other guitars in this price bracket, the ends of the frets are smooth too. So, you can move up and down the fretboard with ease. Most importantly on this guitar, is the cutaway. If you find yourself wanting to play higher up, you can do so with ease. This cutaway means that you can reach higher frets without having to crane your hand over the top.

Who is the 3rd Avenue Cutaway Acoustic Guitar for?

I would say that beginners will find the most joy out of this guitar. While an experienced player will play these perfectly fine, they may have higher requirements in what they like. However, for a younger player, under the age of maybe 13, I would suggest starting on a Classical guitar. While this Cutaway Acoustic Guitar is great for beginners, the strings can be difficult to play. Steel stringed guitars like this do have more tension in them than a Classical guitar. So, a teenager or adult beginner would be better suited for one of these guitars. On top of this, this guitar comes with a gigbag, strings, picks and a strap! It also comes in Black or Natural finishes.