Normans Education and ReTune:

Instrument Recycling Scheme

Introducing ReTune, a musical instrument recycling programme for regional music hubs.

This new initiative invites music hubs to recycle their old, unused musical instruments. Normans will arrange a free-of-charge collection of these instruments, assess their condition and either repair, donate, auction or responsibly dispose of them. 

Any surplus generated from the resale of instruments or parts will be donated to


How it Works

Register Your Music Hub

To join the scheme, hubs must first register their interest by completing our simple registration form, nominating their preferred collection address and primary contact. Registrations will be limited to one location per music hub regional area.

Instrument Collection

Registered hubs can then arrange a FREE collection by completing our ReTune Collection Form or emailing We will ask for details of the quantity and type of instruments to be collected before advising when we have a collection vehicle available. Please note, the service is designed for bulk collections and typically limited to one collection per term.

Instrument Assessment

Once the collected instruments have been returned, the Normans team will assess them to ascertain what can be repaired/re-used and which will need to be responsibly disposed of or used for spares and repairs.

Repurpose, Repair or Responsible Disposal

Instruments that are deemed playable will be repurposed and in the first instance donated to a partner organisation or otherwise sold via auction. Any surplus generated from the sale will be donated to a music education charity or one of our chosen Earthly projects.
Any instruments identified as requiring repairs or maintenance will undergo comprehensive servicing by our approved instrument repairers. Once restored to optimal condition, they will be either donated or sold via auction.
Instruments that are deemed beyond repair and no longer fit for use will be responsibly recycled through our local recycling partner Willshee's, with a commitment to a 0% landfill - 100% recycled guarantee.
As an environmentally conscious company, Willshee's recycle 100% of wood and metal materials at their state-of-the-art recycling centre and any plastic is re-processed back into pellet form, helping to achieve zero waste to landfill. Willshee’s has recently been accredited with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and 45001 certifications as well as being approved as a Safe Contractor, as part of a scheme promoting higher standards of competence within the industry.
If you have any further questions on our ReTune programme, please email


What instrument types are you able to collect?

We can collect most instruments except very large and heavy items such as acoustic pianos or timpani.

Can local schools recycle instruments using the ReTune programme?

Yes, schools or other local organisations can use ReTune, however instruments must be made available for collection from the registered location.

How frequently can collections be arranged?

We are committed to offering a minimum of 1 collection per ReTune location each term. However, if we have a collection vehicle passing nearby, we may be able to arrange an additional pick up.

Can we choose when the instruments are collected?

It is not possible to request a specific collection date as, due to the large geographical area the scheme covers, we must carefully plan our collection routes to minimise travel distances and times.

Wherever possible we utilise the return journey of our deliveries to collect to limit our carbon footprint and utilise the empty vehicle. We will aim to collect as quickly as possible following your request but are unable to commit to a specific timescale.

What geographical area does the scheme cover?
The scheme covers all regional areas of England and Wales.
Terms & Conditions

1.0 Eligibility
The programme is open to all regional Music Hubs in England & Wales who may register to become a ReTune collection site.

Music teachers, schools and other organisations working within music education may recycle instruments using the scheme but must deliver them to their local collection point as designated by the Hub Lead Organisations.

2.0 Instrument Collection
Normans will arrange for the free-of-charge collection of old instruments that are no longer required.

Collections will be arranged at a date and time convenient for the Normans logistics team and planned in conjunction with our other national deliveries.

We will aim to collect as quickly as possible following your request but are unable to commit to a specific timescale.

Some larger and heavier items are excluded from the ReTune programme, these include, but are not limited to; pianos (acoustic and digital), large percussion e.g. timpani, marimbas, drum kits etc.

3.0 Instrument Assessment
All collected instruments will undergo an assessment for repair and resale viability. The Normans team will make the final decision on whether an instrument is repaired, repurposed, resold or disposed of.

4.0 Repair and Resale
Instruments deemed viable for repair will be refurbished and either donated or resold as second-hand items via an auction site.

5.0 Responsible Disposal
Instruments that cannot be repaired will be responsibly disposed of in an eco-friendly manner using our local recycling partners.

6.0 Charitable Donations
Any surplus generated from the resale of instruments or parts will be donated to a music education charity of our choice or one of our chosen Earthly projects.

7.0 Liability
Normans Musical Instruments is not liable for any damages or losses incurred during the collection, repair or resale process.

8.0 Changes to Terms
Normans reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time.

For any queries, please contact Sue O’Callaghan (Re-Tune Programme Co-ordinator)