The Normans Rental Scheme supports Schools and Music Teaching Services by providing children with the use of a quality instrument without parents needing to make a large up-front payment. We have a range of instrument types available at an affordable monthly cost, combined with the ability to return at any time after 3 months, with no further commitment. Payments are made monthly by Direct Debit and if you complete the rental term we will allow you to keep the instrument at no additional cost.


  • Hire of a brand new instrument
  • All the accessories to get you started
  • Option to return after 3 months
  • Keep the instrument after the rental period
  • Expert maintenance support
  • Free delivery


The instruments provided on the Rental Scheme are our best-selling education models and have been fully endorsed by our tuition partners. They are supplied with all the necessary accessories to get you started, as detailed below. What's more, at the end of the agreement, you retain the instrument at no additional cost. You can return the instrument after 3 months. Sizes available are also stated where appropriate.


Signing up couldn't be easier, just follow these simple steps.

  • Choose your instrument
  • Fill in our short application form
  • Set up your direct debit
  • We'll ship your instrument!


If you wish to sign up for our rental scheme, please click on the 'Rent Your Instrument' button. You will then need to complete a short application form with your details and set up a direct debit agreement. Once this simple process has been completed, we will validate your application with your Tuition Provider and ship your instrument.

Each Tuition Partner we work with has a unique Teacher Code, so we know who will be providing your tuition and can make sure your package arrives in time for the first lesson. This may be a School, Music Service or a Private Tutor. Please ask them for their code and enter it on the application form where requested.

Please fill in your details here to request a teacher code, giving your students access to the rental scheme.

The instruments supplied on our Rental Package are the best sellers from our education range. They have been chosen in conjunction with our Tuition Partners to ensure they are of a quality that will support your child throughout their early years of music making. Should you require further information on the instruments supplied please Contact Us.

The length of your rental period will depend on the instrument you choose. 12 month rental period: classical/acoustic guitar, pBone, pCornet, pTrumpet, violin. 24 month rental period: alto saxophone, clarinet, cornet, flute, keyboard,trombone, trumpet.

Once a minimum of 3 payments have been made you are free to return your instrument at any time. Please note that the instrument must be in sound working condition although we do of course expect general wear and tear.

If you decide to return your instrument after the initial 3 month term, please send an email to We will send you all the relevant information to arrange the safe return of your instrument. Once it is back with us we will cancel your Direct Debit and no more payments will be taken.

Once you have finished your rental period, and as long as all payments have been made in full, you are able to keep the instrument at no additional cost.

Our Rental Scheme is operated in partnership with a range of Music Educators/Tuition Providers and is only open to their pupils. Each partner we work with is given a unique Teacher Code that you will need to enter on the application form.

Our on-site technicians are on hand to assist with instances of instruments not working correctly. On the rare occasion that we cannot get your instrument up and running again remotely, we may request you to send it back for assessment by one of our technicians.

We only accept the return of instruments that are in sound working order. We appreciate that they will be in used condition and accept reasonable wear and tear. However, we are unable to take back any that are either damaged beyond repair, or where a repair would be uneconomical to undertake. In this circumstance you would be responsible for any monthly payments due until the end of the rental period.

By signing up to our rental scheme, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the scheme. View the terms and conditions here.