The Castanets

While most commonly associated with Spanish music, Castanets can be found in music across the world and are a great percussion staple in any classroom. Usually made of plastic or wood, they are robust in build and therefore accessible to all ages to start making music.


Castanet: Used in Spanish, Kalo, Moorish, Ottoman, Italian, Portuguese and even more musical genres, the castanet is a percussion instrument. They are traditionally played with one pair in each hand, with the string hooked over the thumb for security, and the castanets resting on the palm, therefore making them easy to play for all ages. They are mainly used by singers and dancers, the most famous being the flamenco dance, and were also featured in dances in the baroque period.

The small size and lightweight weight build make the Castanets a popular piece of percussion from the early years and beyond.


The Traditional Castanetscastanets

Easy to play

Built with robust materials, wood or plastic

Features long lasting stretchy lace

FROM £2.15

FOR THE CLASSROOM | x30 = £58SAVE £6.50


The Handled Clapperscastanets

Straight forward to use

Built with robust wood or lightweight plastic

Perfect for classroom

Popular within orchestras due it's loud sound

FROM £2.00


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